Ever wanted to say something secretive and cool?

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Well…let me be the first one to tell you that Project Weasel is in full effect and it’s going to be spectacular. If you need a hint, look at the tags.


New Promotional Photo? I think Non.

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In my ever-ongoing efforts to pimp my passion for the DIY ethos, I got up the notion today to attempt to shoot my publicity head-shot myself, the one going out to producers with my bio and jacket as supplemental information to my screenplay, either at-arm’s-length or in the typical Facebook style in the mirror of a well-lit can. Of course, first I shaved and showered. As much as one strives to look scruffy and unbathed at all times to sell writer’s cred, you really should look your best when you know someone is going to be sticking a camera in your face…especially if it’s yourself. Of the several shot, the following was by-far the best of the lot.

Needless to say, this will not be my new publicity photo as “out-of-focus pedophile” is not tres chic in any form. Worse, I look like Kenny and if you know Kenny, you know that’s a bad bad bad bad thing.

A new blog.

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Many of you know that I have previously had 2 blogs, both of which failed. This is more of my professional blog as it will appear on my CV/Writing site and list things like appearances, publications and you know…stuff like that. Also I vow to post at least one opinion piece a week on either a literary, philosophical or political topic and I am promising that I will not use this venue to whine about either my love-life or living in DC while my loved-ones are all in NYC or CT.

That said, welcome to the professional blog and site of writer/activist/artist/adventurer/public-intellectual James Channing Gordon aka. Jamie, Chan or Jamie-Chan.